White Rabbit

it’s the brutal blend of fights, fun and feelings that, on a low budget, is actually superb
— Cinema Chords
White Rabbit is a milestone showcase of the increasing strength of LOWKEY’s talents, as it is by far one of their best films yet
— We Eat Films

'White Rabbit' is the first film in which we collaborated with an external writer. After working with Stephen Karl on our previous short 'Sun in the Night', Stephen suggested that we should produce a short action film that he had been writing. We took the project on as Stephen had been a joy to work with before as an actor. After various alterations on the script, the project was finally green-lit in May 2014 and principal photography began in June.

Due to other commitments, production took 6 months and spent a further 2 months in post. The final product is a slick, modern take on the classic Hitman genre, with a few nods to writer/actor Stephen Karl's favourite movies. 

With a micro-budget of £300, we believe this film truly shows our production skills with little financing and from this we hope to build our budgets up so we can achieve more.