The Song Plays On

When the first notes of a long forgotten record play, John remembers Anne, the women he married, the woman he loved and it's as though he's 25 once more... His daughter, Alice, doesn't see it that way. She sees her Father struggling to cope day to day with dementia and she senses a distance growing between them. She fears that as John remembers Anne, he forgets her. 

Shot over a weekend in late May 2015; The Song Plays On is a co-production between LOWKEY and our friends at Initiative Motion Pictures. Written by Laurence Timms (Survivors, Persona) and Directed by Adam J Spinks (Expulsion, Survivors); The Song Plays On is a short film exploring the powerful relationship between music and memory. It has now been screened and officially selected at 5 film festivals; Golden Sun (Malta), Anon (UK), Selby (UK), Toronto Film Week (Canada) and Carmarthen Bay (UK) which is a BAFTA qualifying film festival.

The Song Plays On is a project dedicated to raising awareness of Dementia. For more information you can follow the film at the following links: