Our slate ranges from feature films to commercials and music videos. Collectively, the team at Lowkey have worked on over 80 productions, producing 40+ ourselves. 

We are proud to be a company that work directly with any individual to help their project grow.

Below are some of the productions we have had a key hand in producing. 


Bonfire Concept copy.jpg

Infinite (2019)

A young man attempts to make his existence infinite before his untimely death.

Feature film currently in development stages. Set to shoot May 2018.

Concept (above) by Game of Thrones concept designer Nick Ainsworth 

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.57.36.jpg

Infinite (2016) 

In his last months alive a young man calls upon his four closest friends to make his existence infinite through the assembly of five key elements from his life.

Director: Connor O'Hara

Starring: George Mackay (Captain Fantastic), Elliot James Langridge (Northern Soul).

Accepted at over 30 film festivals and still on the festival circuit.

Won 10 awards


Wander (2015)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a man follows the same routine each day to keep himself alive while he reminisces about the love of his youth.

Director: Connor O'Hara

Starring: Alexander Lincoln (King Arthur), Amanda Fairbank Hynes (An Education). 

Accepted at over 30 film festivals.

Won 3 awards.