Jamie Gamache

After studying on the prestigious Tonmeister course at The University of Surrey, Jamie started his career in film as a sound designer. He currently divides his time between Lowkey and Sound Disposition; a sound post-production company based in London, working on numerous features, shorts and corporates.

Since the birth of Lowkey Films in 2013, Jamie’s role as producer has become evermore demanding. He enabled Connor to make Wander for a value of £15,000 and likewise, his combined work with producer Dan Pitt, meant that Infinite could be made for a value of £70,000. As well as securing an award-winning crew for Infinite, Jamie was responsible for the acquisition of the acting talent on Infinite including BAFTA-nominee George MacKay.

He is now working with director Connor O'Hara and producer Dan Pitt on a feature version of Infinite, scheduled to shoot in May 2018. Alongside this, Jamie is beginning to develop his own slate and is always on the lookout for new material.


Best Film - Loch Ness Film Festival (2017) Scotland
Best of Fest - Ironstar International Short Film Festival (2017) Scotland
Best UK Short - Link International Film Festival (2017) London

7 further awards with Infinite (2016-2017)