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Connor O'Hara

Connor's journey into filmmaking began at the age of 9 after suffering from a prolonged illness. During this time he developed a fondness for filmmaking after watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy countless times. At 15 he set up a small music video company and by 19 he had set up Lowkey films. In 2017, after two years in the set department of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Mary Poppins, Connor took to pursuing directing full time. 

At 23, he is now one of the UK's rising young writer/directors having his work screened at almost 100 film festivals worldwide. 

He prides himself on being a voice for redefining genders, by showing both men and women on screen in ways we have not seen them before. 


Infinite (2019)
Infinite (2016)
Wander (2015)


Best Story - New Renaissance Film Festival (2017) London
Best Director - Revolution Me Film Festival (2017) New York
Best Director - Unrestricted View Film Festival (2017) London
7 further awards with Infinite (2016-2017)